The Future of Search Engines

Just observe what the web looks like today. I ever think that maybe the future of search engine won’t be so success like today. Maybe their presence still needed but not like this moment which people really follow them to find something on the web. Every one wants to find about Iron Man 2 or […]

Plugins and Sites to Track Your Site

One of the most interesting stuff after setting up a new blog is establishing it. Give the blog new articles, adding new features and function, design the interface and also introducing it to the world. For the new one, content is the main part of the blog to lead others know you. By reading your […]

Artistic Book Cover Design

Artistic Book Cover Design

I created this design about two months ago. This is the cool ever design I created, so I decide to share it here with the .psd format. Here is the preview : The original size is 2583px x 3515px in a 300px/inch resolution. And here is the download link :

The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol

I currently reading the last novel written by Dan Brown, this novel not yet give me enough addiction, because I have just read the 126th page. Not all the novel. The beginning of the story is Robert Langdon invited to the US Capitol for a speech by his mentor, friend Peter Solomon, but obviously he […]

Robust Plugins to Kill Spams

Akismet's Spam Statistic

As a new blog, as long as my experience blogging, there will always bad guys coming to your blog, commenting at your posts or pages with no related words. Spams is the most annoying things, that make out time useless to take care about them. So here I brings 3 plugins that will kill spams […] Web Hosting Terbaik Indonesia

Web Hosting adalah salah satu dari sepuluh perusahaan jasa hosting terbesar di Indonesia menurut Hal ini tidak mengherankan karena kalau dilihat dari jumlah pelangganyya saja sudah diatas 15 ribu. Jauh meninggalkan rival satu tingkat dibawahnya yang tidak jauh dari angka 11 ribu dan dekat dengan idwebhost yang berada dibawah saudaranya Kualitas yang prima […]