Simple Use of Facebook See Friendship

Facebook See FriendshipOne of the newest post I wrote about Facebook features talking about Facebook See Friendship. The newest feature that really interesting to  be explored to know the benefit of it. And one hour ago I just find how useful it is. It can help me to find a profile of a person I want to know, that looks like she/he not yet have a Facebook account before.

Here is that happened, one of Eve’s friends (just call him Joe) offer me about her profile page in a – hide and seek – mode. Like he don’t even want me to know about her. So what I do is just using See Friendship feature to find her Facebook page :

1. Open Joe’s profile (let say the address is http:/
2. Open another Eve’s friend (I suggest you to pick the one that you know have a strong relationship with her) Facebook profile (let say the address is http:/
3. Open their Friendship page (

You probably will find Eve’s account on the mutual friend list. Maybe Eve still not found on that moment, but trust me, it will be works at the other time, minimally it reduce your time to open all Joe’s friend list that may be about 3 thousands persons 😆 But in my case, it perfectly useful 😀

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