4 Reasons Why I Use Google Chrome

At the first time I saw Google Chrome, I wasn’t really interested to use it. At that time, my favorite web browsers were Opera at the first place followed by Mozilla Firefox behind. But lately after knowing that Opera doesn’t really cool (it still not support CSS rounded corner properties) and also store it’s cache too long (making changes in my design doesn’t appear directly after it made) I start to make another alternative. Firefox and Safari are not favorite choice anymore, I don’t know why.

Even I know most web designer using Safari on their Mac, I keep on stay away from using Safari that feel slow down my PC too far. So the final choice I use Chrome, that cored by the same engine as Safari, webkit. After using it for a couple months I found some of this interesting stuffs.

Incognito window

Google Chrome Incognito Window

Browse the web under the hood, preparing a surprise to your beloved family by give them a good gift without known before is possible by using this feature. It will delete all the cookies, browsing history and all session.

Simple UI

There aren’t too many menus and buttons, make my view wider to see the web, all the menus and buttons replaced into two icons in the right side of the address bar that is merged with the search bar.


Google Chrome Translation menu

Automatically offer a translation of a page opened in your window if it were in a language different than your system setting.

Site suggestion, more search and history item

Google Chrome Site and search  suggestion

When I type ‘earth day‘ there is a URL from wikipedia.org shown over there, I never open the page yet, cool isn’t it? Under that suggestion, two lines of page opened before with that term appear too (indicated by the clock icon). And also other term like ‘earth day celebration’ and ‘earth day 2010’. The last was option to see all history related to it.

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