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YouTube is a giant library of video about every things in this world. Starting from music video, film trailer, games trailer, promotional video until tutorial and such educational videos like TED talk. Everyone can get what video they like, just start searching, and they will see videos they want. The only bad thing (according my own opinion) is that YouTube didn’t even give us a chance to download the video in an easy way like using a download button.

So here, I will show you the way to download YouTube Video using browser cache. Why using browser cache? Because it was easy, and you can always get what you want. Here’s the way:

1. Play the Video on your browser (in this example Google Chrome in Windows 7)
2. Go to Chrome cache folder (C:Usersuser_accountAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultCache)
3. See a file that the size is always increasing as the video on the browser page being loaded (usually the file name is like f_0000c5, just check the ‘date modified’ column to make you sure)
4. If the video have played to the end, the file won’t be increasing again,
5. Copy the vile else where, and rename it and don’t forget tho give .flv extension on it.
6. Play the file, and Bingo, you got your video!

Note :
1. When you are using Firefox here is place to see the cache C:Usersuser_accountAppDataLocalMozillaFirefoxProfilesxxxxxx.defaultCache
2. Other OS and browser try to type about:cache on the address bar, they will automatically show you where they store the cache.

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