Finding Eyes, Finding Wisdom to Lights Up Your Life

This is my own story about finding eyes. I got blind several days ago. I almost can’t see any things standing on my way.

Luckily, I’m not blind on my eyes. I lost my view because my motorcycle’ main lights bulb broken. But I have to take it to get home that night.

Before riding home, I know how bad I am and how bad things could just happened along the way, accident is waiting. But rather than worried as I should, I enjoy it.

Even thinking that what I’m doing is another example of start doing a new things, how we begin to run a business and mostly how we try to find the best way to live our life.

We mostly don’t know exactly how to get go if we can’t see anything standing in front of us. But on my case I can’t just stop to get home, I have to take all the risks!

New businessman are facing the same problem, they should move foward unless the business they try to establish will perish. Taking risk is a must!

And so is every one try to start a life, we never know exactly how to accomplish things we want. We figure out things by falling into problems and errors.

Finding Eyes – Finding Wisdom

That could be a suicide mission, until I find that I should find eyes. I should have a vision. But how?

Simple. I then follow others with lights, I can ride before or after them.

Lights up your life

I remember third point to get paid doing what I love is wisdom. Passions, skills, wisdoms and experiences ~~> Opportunity.

That lights are wisdom on my case. You need it to get where you want to be.

Jumping to a life and business journey, reaching your goals is something will make you proud. That would be your legacy. And finding wisdom is one of shortcut to get it faster and safer.

Lets find another eye!

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