Koprol.com Social Networking Site From Indonesia


Social networking sites are now become the most visited site. Every body not yet register for an account in a social networking sites will looks like the one who stay alone at the wide Internet. Many site like Facebook, Twitter, Plurk is now become very famous.

Here I will introduce you with one of social networking site originally built by Indonesian like me. It was named koprol.com, the screenshot of my profile as seen below :


Not like Facebook or twitter that I already have both, koprol is more unique. Every user logged in not only able to create a status, but also have a chance to tells their friends about where they are by checking in into places they currently stay at from the available places on the list (or even create their own place that can also be used by other users after approved from moderation), and then tell what they think about the place. Because the main goal of koprol is to share information about places, so that each user can make a choice about place they need.

Just take a deeper look at the screenshot, not only that, koprol will also inform about online user in our place, and we can make a comment to others status without creating friendship or following ship. It will lead us to meet new friends more than Facebook or Twitter I think, cause the list is place-based. The good news is, Koprol.com now acquired by Yahoo!, may be Yahoo! already see this chance to spread their domination of social networking in Indonesia (or wider region) by using Koprol.

This is cool, I like Indonesian product! What do you think?

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