The Future of Search Engines

Just observe what the web looks like today. I ever think that maybe the future of search engine won’t be so success like today. Maybe their presence still needed but not like this moment which people really follow them to find something on the web. Every one wants to find about Iron Man 2 or xXx 3 will open their favorite search engine to find the information, when will in launched, how the spoiler and so on. Almost every one on the earth open a search engine today to find something new, to find address of a site or detailed info about an history.

But for the next ten years (maybe less) the function of search engine will be replaced by other site like twitter or maybe site or blog directories. We know that by using twitter we can follow everyone else, who we think worthy to be followed because their twits appropriate with our interest. Lets take sample when we follow user whom often twitting about Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, if we follow about 30 user on that interest, we will find the same number (or minimally a half) of good tutorials or articles about them.

Good articles, picked by humans who can consider whether it was good or not, doesn’t it better than what we find from search engine, which sometimes is just a bunch of keyword ­čść The next type of site will be┬áthreatening search engines is blog or site directory, have the almost same concept as twitter, but there will be more resource. When we want to find a site about our interest just search the category, and there, we find good sites stay in a list.

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