Plugins and Sites to Track Your Site

One of the most interesting stuff after setting up a new blog is establishing it. Give the blog new articles, adding new features and function, design the interface and also introducing it to the world. For the new one, content is the main part of the blog to lead others know you. By reading your post people will know your style, your mind and interest, and if they find you’re a good person to be followed they will subsribe your RSS probably.

The most attracting thing for me is following my blog progresses, how it grow day by day. In what rank of Google’s page rank it is, how many sites linking to me, how many tweet I got, and some other parameter will make me smile to see it. And here is list of plugin and site I use to see them.

1. Wp-Stat-Dashboard Plugin

This plugin will tell you about all the things related to your site, it will give you widgets in your wordpress dashboard. We can use one overview widgets or use detailed widgetfor each item, like referer stat, search terms, compete stat, and also click stat. I prefer to add the overview widget because it will not change the view of my dashboard too ugly and I will still get the point I need to know Alexa rank, my backlink, post rank and moz rank, and some other.

2. Wp-Referer Plugin

More complete detail about referer to your blog, referer by recent referer, by domain refering to my blog, by our page that refered and some other detail.

3.  Official StatCounter Plugin and

When you have a StatCounter account, you can also use this plug-in to see the progress of your campaign built before, this will show you detailed info about visits, page loads, unique visitor and so on.

4. WordPress Stat

Created by Alex King, famous plugin that every user know about. It always powerful, and nobody need to remove it 😀

5. will give you some datas about your site, starting from overview, page rank, alexa rank, site owner’s profile (if any), comments of other sites (blogs and twit), bookmark, until where you bought the domain and where it’s hosted. I have a plan to have a post telling you  further information about this site.

6. Yahoo! Site Explorer

This Yahoo! service will show you about pages and articles where your site linked, I visit this page often to see this blog’s incoming links that usually come from my comments to other blogs. The almost same function also found at page and Google webmaster tool page.

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