Robust Plugins to Kill Spams


As a new blog, as long as my experience blogging, there will always bad guys coming to your blog, commenting at your posts or pages with no related words. Spams is the most annoying things, that make out time useless to take care about them. So here I brings 3 plugins that will kill spams and let you sleep well without thinking about them.

Akismet's Spam Statistic

1. Akismet

The most famous plugins to protect your blog from spams is Akismet, it is pre-installed with your WordPress-based blog. There still possibilities for spam comments to take over it, but keep, it still powerful enough.

2. Invisible Chaptcha

Invisible captcha is something more powerful to get your blog secured, the method is by adding an invisible form on the comment forms that will not visible for humans. But the form is visible for spam bots, they tend to fill it out, so that will indicate the comments as spam. Simple, any way.

3. Invisible Defender

More powerful one, it adding two more extra forms, the one is for the generic spam bots that will fill all the form, the other one is for spam bots dedicated to WordPress based blog. There is no chance for all kind of bots. After checking the value filled by the spam bots WordPress will return a ‘403 – forbidden’ for them.

That’s three robust plugins to defend spams, have a nice blogging by trying all of them or on  the time I write this post I use Akismet and Invisible defender only.

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