What You Need to Do When Wp-config.php is Deleted


What a bad joke! This is what happened to me recently, I deleted my wp-config.php while upgrading this blogs’ engine. So that I have to reinstall this blog again from the start.

At the first step after replacing my files (open my browser, set the address to http://www.abouttiyo.web.id/wp-admin/upgrade.php) I got surprised by a different page shown, different than usually.  These are the pages come out on the time,

Creating WordPress's wp-config.php automaticallyafter I clicked the button,  the next page appear, this is what it’s looks like

Lets create the database this does looks like chatty, I even still not paying attention to this page, not even know what my mistake by deleting the wp-config file. I just know what exactly happened after the next page shown.

Forms to create wp-config.phpOh there! It was the nightmare you never want. When you open your cpanel, go to your MySQL Databases menu the information about the database and user is already written in the ‘current database’ table (dark-orange box on the next image). But if, you install WordPress using Fantastico like me, I am sure 95% (or even more) of you will never know your password. I ever used my cpanel password, but it deosn’t work. So these are the steps to overcome the problem, you need to stick at the picture below.

solving wp-config error

1. Delete current database user

Do this by simple click the x button in the the user column of current database user , near dark-orange box. Follow the next page, and delete the user for sure, never doubt 😛

2.  Create new user

Create the new user with the new password too, after you press the ‘create user’ button you will be brought to a page that telling you the new user and the password, just copy them, go back to the wp-config re-creation page and fill the form with the user and the password, you don’t need to change the next column because by default it was the right value.

3. Assign the database

After creating the user, one thing you need to do is connecting the user and the database, look at the blue box, on the upper drop down menu, choose your newly created user account, and on the lower drop down menu, choose database that already used to establish your blog. And then press the ‘add’ button.

4. Recreate the wp-config

Just click the submit button on the wp-config re-creation page (third image) . Follow the next step and you’re done! Or may be after that you can skip the steps by going to the page that usually used to upgrade WordPress (…/wo-admin/upgrade.php). And do the next two steps to really reach the last step to upgrade your engine.

5. Take care about the magenta box

What for is the magenta box?

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